Don't confine your EV fleet to outdated, expensive infrastructure. With FreeWire's Concierge Charging program, our service operators are responsible for moving the units and charging cars, giving drivers the flexibility to park wherever they would like. This service also lets fleet managers and building owners avoid high permitting and installation costs while being able to easily scale-up service. 


How It Works


Customer Testimonials

Please keep the service going! It’s so much easier than trying to run out and move my car between meetings, and the FreeWire team has been very responsive to any feedback.
I think this program is great! I don’t have to concern myself with checking multiple times a day to find a spot, or going out at unpredictable times.



Product Specifications

Concierge Charging is a full service model, meaning we deal with all the hardware. If you want to learn more about how our Mobi Charger product line enables us to deliver flexible, affordable power, check out the specification sheets below.